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    Poor yogi bear dewclaw has torn badly,  I took him to vets today and the vet said he need to anesthesia yogi to repair it.

    I can’t sleep and we have to take him in the morning for 9am

    I’m worried about the anesthesia and worried for yogi bear.

    He is a nervous dog if left without us.

    Vet hasn’t told us the costs and any implications or risks involved. Mainly I am concerned for yogi bear I know he is not going to like being left and also worried how he will react to the anesthesia.

    I also know something needs to be done as he is in discomfort. Yogi is now 5 so hate to put him through anesthesia and hope doesn’t have any side effect.

    Not looking forward to it and really worried, has any else had similar experience?


    anaesthesia is pretty safe – Yogi is fit and well apart from the dew claw?
    If he gets too stressed they will give him a mild sedative.
    Leg will be a little sore afterwards but probably not as sore as it is now.
    Let us know how he gets on 


    Hi lassie,

    Yogi seems ok , he was very wobbly and out of sorts yesterday. He went in at 9 and we picked him up at 12:30am.

    Vets were really good and he has a bandage which should come off in 5days . He also has some recovery food too.

    We sayed downstairs with him last to to comfort him and this morning he was crying. Just gave him some more recovery food and pankillers provided by the vet and trying to settle him again.

    He does seem alot more with it this morning, but i guessing its going to be sore.


    Takes us 24/48 hours to get the anaesthetic out of our system, guess it will be pretty much the same for dogs although some will bounce back quicker than others. He will feel a little sorry for himself but the worse is over now as long as the wound is kept clean and dry, no licking or chewing.
    Glad he is OK :ok:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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