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  • in reply to: Happy Birthday Kerrie #112779

    Happy Birthday hun  :-*

    in reply to: Show training thread…. #73723

    i have no idea what is going on with people’s posts…. lol

    she looks lovely izzie, really pretty girl!  Good luck next month  :-*

    in reply to: Schutzhund Training #79908

    well done Laura sounds like you are doing fantastic!

    in reply to: VAL,BEV,MY WODAN,URGENT… not urgent anymore #87387

    wow finally finished reading this, poor wodan must have been awful for you all! so glad he is doing better, lets hope he continues to do so ((hugs)) to you all.

    in reply to: Great News #99936

    congrats laura thats fantastic news! well done you! hope you have had a good wek so far  :yes:

    in reply to: Wish me luck…. #99851

    C’mon Mudgie!!!  :-*

    in reply to: my little BC #103293

    gorgeous pics, love them!

    in reply to: Gastroenteritis #87188

    i’d guess so, i think gastroenteritis is a cover all diagnosis and could be caused by one of many bugs etc, a lot of these are transferable between people and dogs and vice versa as far as i’m aware.

    feel better soon hun, and doggies too  :-*

    in reply to: LOST DOG, CORNWALL – HOLIDAY MAKERS #112609

    oh no thats so sad, poor poor girl…. RIP sweetheart.

    in reply to: dogs and horses #112535

    yep getting names sorted is a good thing, i didn’t realise that my mum called the horses ‘boys’ when she wanted them both, so when i was at field with both dogs and called “come on boys” i got 2 dogs and 2 horses coming at me  :yes:

    in reply to: Bev…. Holiday Advice #73533

    look gorgeous hun and not too far from me…so defo lots of vals spray bugs are a huge nightmare at mo especially horse flies, millions of them!

    Have a great time xx

    in reply to: Bev…..its Jess #87128

    glad she’s ok, this weather is doing strange things to them, in the very least making things a lot worse to deal with.

    in reply to: ted poorly sick #87151

    aww poor lad, i have an awful lot of catching up to do, can only get on during quiet days at work as no internet at home at mo.  So i was reading about Ted the other day (not finished yet) and he sounded really healthy, so was surprised to see this, poor boy, but i guess nobody can be 100% about the health of a dog even if they do know exactly where he came from etc.  At least you know now and you have the knowledge to deal with it.

    ((hugs to poor Ted)) glad you’re starting to feel better  :yes:

    in reply to: and the moral of the story is… #91135

    why don’t people ever learn?  Why is this not a basic well understood thing…this is exactly the same as people just letting their dogs run up to yours and do what they want, people have the same reaction when i tell them not to let their dog try to steal my dogs toy as i get when i tell someone not to let their child try to stroke my dog…it drives me nuts, how would they like me running up to them and stealing their bleeding wallet  :surprise:

    in reply to: refuse collection rant #99798

    lol umm academy…um i’m neutral ish  ;D

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 1,025 total)
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