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Hydrotherapy and alternative therapy

Vet Physio Dorset – Animal Physiotherapist (Elizabeth Pigot, Chartered Physiotherapist) working with vets in Dorset Hampshire. Services include treatment of muscle/ligament injury, rehabilitation post surgery and of neurological problems eg. disc prolapse/surgery.
Canis Witney – finest dog grooming and massage therapy* CG qualified groomer* Qualified canine therapeutic masseuse
DoggySwim Hydrotherapy Pools Essex – DoggySwim is a relocatable, self-contained hydrotherapy pool, complete with jets for dogs to swim against.
The Splash – Canine Hydrotherapy Fitness POWYS – Theraputic, fitness and fun swims with ex veterinary assistant with 40 years dog handling experience. Large heated pool with jets. Veterinary referrals.
Northwest Veterinary Physiotherapy Shropshire – Canine physiotherapy to help with arthritic conditions, weight loss, recovery from injury, illness or surgery or to assist performance related problems in show or working dogs. Home visits in South Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire and North Wales
White Phoenix Canine Hydrotherapy Strensham, Worcestershire – White Phoenix seeks to work to the highest standards of care. Patients will only be seen if they have a Vet Referral that says they are safe to be swum. Thorough notes will be taken after every swim, and this information will be relayed to

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