This breed does not currently have a sponsor

If you decide to sponsor a breed then you will have the choice to replace the photo on the breed listings page, also you have the choice of linking the picture directly to your site (Whatever it may be). Now added announcement text, you will be able edit your own text on the breed listing page to inform visitors of wins, pups due etc. Also you will have a link at the top of the breeders listings for the breed. The breeds name will still link to the breeds listings. Check for a dot on the photo, to ensure that the breed is available to be sponsored. The current cost is £10 a year to sponsor a breed. I am also open to other suggestions on promoting sponsors web sites. To sponsor a breed just complete the form below:Once you have completed the form all you need do is e-mail me with 2 pictures, if you wish. One picture should be of the breed, the other announcing your sponsorship of the breed. Ideally they should be a maximum of 150 pixels height or width and be of the same size. If not I will take care of them.

If you do not wish to use a credit/debit card or have any other questions about sponsoring a breed please e-mail me, e-mail address at the bottom of the page or on the page for the breed you wish to sponsor.

Free Pic

To have your dogs picture next to the breed all that you need to do is e-mail me a picture of your dog stating its breed and type. I will edit the image to fit and publish it, that is if I do not already have a picture for that breed. This is on a first come first served basis, for the free publication. I would prefer the picture in a jpg or gif format, if the image is sent in any other I may not be able to convert it but will try my best. Free pictures will have a red or yellow dot included to show that that breed is still available for sponsorship. Once someone sponsors that breed then your picture may be replaced. E-mail address at the bottom of the page or on the page for the breed.
Conditions – By sending me the picture you give your copyright permission for me to publish the picture.
All pictures are resized to a maximum of 140×140 pixels or the correct proportions of 140 pixels.

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