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The Benefits of Dog Grooming

Is grooming really important for your dog? Yes, it sounds cliché, but we all know we should clean our pets regularly. Pet grooming is great especially for pets who have problems with odour, excessive shedding of fur, itching, and dryness.

A clean and healthy dog or cat is a happy pet. That means it has healthy skin and fur, short nails, clean teeth, and clean eyes. Your pet will feel comfortable and most times will be happy. This will also mean fewer headaches for you.

Not grooming your pet can bring a lot of negative side effects such as health issues. This, in turn, can result in you shelling out for expensive medical bills. Your relationship with your pet will also suffer. Aggression or dissociation can also be a consequence when you do not groom your dog.

How Bad Grooming Can Cause Discomfort to Your Pet

Poor oral hygiene can lead to teeth loss, bad breath, and if left untreated can cause organ damage to your pet’s body. This will also affect your pet’s appetite which would lead to major health complications.

Another sign of poor grooming is overgrown hair. In the long run, overgrown hair can cause skin problems. Fur dangling over your pet’s eyes can also limit his peripheral vision, greatly affecting his movement. Unwashed and unmaintained, your pet’s fur will matte. Matted hair will add extra weight to your pet, increasing the difficulty to do even simple brushing motions.

What is Matting?

Matted hair could be commonly seen in dogs and cats with long fur. It is a painful condition caused by tangled knots of hair which often causes discomfort and even leads to severe health risks. Suffice to say, it causes many skin problems for your pets. In extreme cases, matting limits blood flow and patting your pet can be painful. Matted hair can even restrict the pet’s movement resulting in deformed body parts and awkward motions.

Long nails on a pet’s paw pad can be excruciating. Often, the nails can be the cause of infection. The nails on the paws of your pet curve downward which could prove to be difficult for your pet to move around as much.

Double coated dogs can also suffer from stress which is caused by uneven brushing. Hair length and thickness generally dictate how often you need to brush your pet’s fur. If you have a double-coated dog, it is best to put extra importance on his hair as part of your grooming routine.

Ticks, fleas, and mites are some of the most well-known parasites that need to be eliminated once detected on the pet’s body. They can also prove to be fatal if left untreated.

I highly recommend you shampoo your pet regularly to keep your pet healthy. If you don’t know any shampoos for pets for dry skin and itchiness, check out this natural dog shampoo by Skout’s Honor that uses probiotics to help alleviate irritable skin on dogs and cats.

Grass seeds can not be easily spotted if you are not proactive with grooming your pet. Grass seeds that are not spotted early can result in severe infection and in extreme cases, your pet can lose its eyesight.

These problems can be damaging to the pet’s overall body health, often caused by the distress and hurt they can bring. By grooming your pet regularly, you can ensure your pet is healthy at all times.

The advantages of taking care of your pet include:

  • Happiness from the pet.
  • Reduced danger of fatal diseases.
  • A healthy relationship with your pet
  • Increased energy by the pet. The pet becomes more active.
  • Lower Veterinary bills as consistent grooming will prevent diseases

It is important to keep your pet well-groomed at all times. The moment you take a pet under your care, you are essentially signing up to be their parent. Grooming is one of the major parts of becoming a pet-owner. If you can’t religiously abide by your pet’s grooming needs, then it’s best not to get one.


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