Why having an office dog is good for your employee’s mental health


Ah, man’s best friend. With their wagging tails, constant smiles and loving nature, why would any business not want to welcome our furry friends into the office? Aside from the obvious “if you’re allergic issue”, dogs have been known to make a huge difference to overall employee morale and their mental health.

Whether you’re throwing a ball to them, giving them a belly rub or letting them cosy up by your feet, having a dog around is more than just a cute office perk.

Reduced anxiety and stress levels

If you have a busy office environment, it can take its toll on the people who work for you. No matter if it’s a bustling marketing agency or IT support business, the hustle of everyday life can often cause copious amounts of stress and angst. Spending time with our pooches reminds us to enjoy the smaller and simpler things in life.

As soon as you see their face peer above or below your desk, you’re sure to let out a big sigh of relief as your stresses and woes of the day wash away.

Emotional support like no other

Dogs can’t help but give support to the people they meet. Whether you’re having a down day or just need a bit of a pick-me-up, a pooch will be there to hop on your lap and give you a cuddle or encourage you to step outside for a bit of fresh air for a while.

According to the Blue Cross for Pets, more than 90% of businesses asked in a study that allowed dogs at work, said they’d seen a positive change in the overall working environment. Not only are they insanely cute, but they also create the ultimate feel-good factor among employees.

What if you can’t have dogs in the office?

Maybe someone in your office is allergic, or perhaps it’s a bit of a nightmare for HR to try and sort; even if you can’t have dogs in the office, there are so many ways in which you can help charities that support dogs and other pets in need for example. When you purchase a bag from the Radley collection, 10% of the sale goes towards the Dogs Trust; meaning that even if you can’t bring your best friend to work with you, you can still help other pooches that perhaps haven’t had the start to life that yours has.

This fourth collaboration between Radley and the Dogs Trust has drawn inspiration from some of the real rescue dogs currently being cared for by the charity. Made from quality materials and with so much space inside to store all your dog’s favourite things, you’ll look stylish, have everything you need and be supporting a great cause, all in one!

So, no matter whether or not you can or can’t have a dog (or numerous) in the office, there are so many ways in which you can show your support.


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